The Posthumanist / Identity
2021 - 2023
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The Posthumanist is a bilingual (English & German) magazine for art, design, technology and writing from a more-than-human perspective. Anna Nolda Nagele is the Founder and Editor-in-chief.

Dasha created the identity for The Posthumanist, which combines human and more-than-human, digital elements to form the visual language.

The logo was created using the TINY 5x3 font from Velvetyne type foundry due to its digital, yet human origin (TINY is based on the smallest type size of the HandJet EBS-250, a tool used for immediate printing on textiles). It was stretched out to create letters formed of ovals, which represent rebirth and immortality - transcending the human perspective. 

The other two fonts used were Carta Nueva from Sharp Type foundry and Happy Times at the IKOB from Velvetyne type foundry.